Bright Cape provides Smart Industry Assistant on SAS Viya cloud-platform

Consultancy company becomes SAS Managed Analytics Service Provider

Bright Cape made a Managed Application Service Provider (MASP) deal with SAS. Therefore, Bright Cape can transform its Smart Industry Assistant (SIA) to a fast, safe and cloud-based application. By building the SIA- solution on the SAS Viya-platform, Bright Cape helps optimising the Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of the manufacturing industry in a standardized way.

A SAS MASP offers its own analytical software, based on the SAS Viya platform, as a cloud solution. Bright Cape’s customers can now benefit from the unique combination of knowledge of Bright Cape, the strong analytical possibilities of SAS and flexible delivery model. Users do not have to worry about the costs or complexity the implementation of the software involves.

Smart Industry Assistant increases sustainability and profitability

SIA is developed in cooperation with SAS. The Smart Industry 4.0 Assistant can prevent rejected products in the manufacturing industry and also increase the availability of the production line. Of every individual unit, SIA can predict the quality of the product during the production process and give advice about which actions an operator must execute to prevent ‘non-quality’ of products or any interruptions in the production process.

This way an operator can intervene during the production process to for example prevent that a whole batch of products should be thrown away or expensive machine repairs are needed. Due to SIA, manufacturing companies can halve its waste, extend the life cycle of their assets and reduce the downtime of their machines by 3%. That does not only have a positive effect on the environment, but also increases the revenue and profitability.

On-premise, hybrid and private cloud

The SIA-solution is now offered from the cloud, via on-premise, hybrid and private-cloud. SIA’s interface is simple and user-friendly so that every operator is able to work with it. It makes SIA a ‘plug-and-play’-tool that is extremely easy to use. The operator can make data driven decisions without having any specific data science or analytical knowledge.

SAS Viya platform

SAS provides the platform that is needed for SIA and ensures Bright Cape in getting value out of data quickly. With the help of SAS Viya it is possible to get data in a safe, reliable and fast manner from the different machines and systems. Subsequently, the data is analysed and its results are translated to a user-friendly interface. By offering the solution from the cloud, Bright Cape allows for better management, higher availability and faster updates of the SIA-solution.